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This is the ExplainTB team

Christian Herzmann
had the idea for ExplainTB. He is a respiratory physician at the Research Center Borstel, north of Hamburg in Germany. At the Tuberculosis Center Borstel, patients from all over the world are treated.

Ralf Otto-Knapp
joined the team from Berlin. He is an employed physician with the German Central Committee against Tuberculosis, dealing with tuberculosis patients on a daily basis. Ralf is in charge of the operational issues of ExplainTB. His professional position, international connections and enthusiasm make him a valuable member of the team.

René Grosche
CEO of the Company Web Labels. Supports the ExplainTB project with solutions for web-design and developer.
Specialized in wordpress and search engine optimization.

Britta Weller
Public relations. In charge of press and public relations at the Research Center Borstel and
self-employed editor and project manager in the field of science and medicine.

Denise Friedrichsen
coordinates the project, particularly the translations, proof readings and updates of the website and the app. Self-employed project and cultural manager. M.A. Management of cultural and non-profit organizations.

John Dzaba
Conducts an evaluation on the App Explain TB for the education of migrants in German health authorities as part of his bachelor thesis in the field of health sciences at the HAW Hamburg.